KYC & Name Screening

Name Screening

Perform manual or automatic searches in just a few clicks

  • Carry out research

    • Manually

    • Automatically

  • Perform searches on

    • Sanctions lists

    • PEP lists

    • Criminal watch lists

  • Benefit from reporting

    • By client

    • For your entire customer base

  • Automatically save search history and results

  • Avoid duplication of checks

KYC file management

Easily manage identification, risk analysis and identity verification

  • Formalise the identification and identity verification of your customers on the application

  • Optimise your risk assessment and easily determine vigilance measures

  • Keep track of actions taken and save the validation of KYC files

  • Stay proactive with expired document alerts

  • Take control with our intuitive dashboard, identify and act on priorities clearly and quickly

  • Create bespoke reports in the blink of an eye with our pre-configured templates

  • Customise 

    • Risk analysis

    • Expected documents

    • Reporting

Document collection

Send requests for information and documents directly to your customers

  • Send requests for information and documents directly to your customers

  • Import information and documents sent by your customers automatically

  • Customise document requests

  • Follow the progress of requests

Features tailored to your needs

1. Name Screening :

At the heart of our application lies our powerful name screening tool.

By exploiting global databases and watch lists, our Name Screening system performs real-time checks to detect any correspondence with politically exposed persons (PEPs), individuals under sanctions or parties involved in fraudulent or criminal activities.

2. KYC files management :

Simplify the management of your customer files thanks to our intuitive interface, which enables each KYC file to be organised and tracked seamlessly.

Our system centralises customer information and documents, making them easy for your teams to access and review.

3. Sending document requests :

Our application revolutionises the way you communicate with your customers to collect the documents needed for the KYC process.

Thanks to our automated system for sending document requests, you can request and receive supporting documents directly through the application, providing a smooth and secure user experience. 

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